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Seth Godin
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We help you manage your time, clearing away those mundane chores that clutter your desk and distract your focus.


  • To ensure goals and priorities are met we maintain a separate (and accessible) project management system for each client that encompasses meetings, projects, tasks and to-dos, and travel
  • Work time is blocked into your calendar for focussed strategic planning and uninterrupted productivity
  • Assistance provided in sorting competing and complex assignments 
  • Client meetings are booked with adequate "to and from" travel time
  • Weekly update meetings booked into your calendar to ensure adjustments are made in a timely fashion to accommodate shifting and changing priorities.


We have many years experience organizing complex calendars that include heavy
meeting, travel and speaking schedules:

  • Flight arrangements that take into consideration pricing, the most direct
    routes, and the shortest layovers
  • Hotel accommodations and dining:  Tripadviser and Yelp consulted for hotel &
    restaurant reviews
  • Train alternatives, ground transportation, transfers & car rentals
  • Tripit accounts managed
  • Itineraries that include maps, confirmation numbers, phone numbers, terminals & gates and meeting information

We are adept at arranging extensive last minute changes with the courtesy and diplomacy required to maintain happy client relations.

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