I feel like every project I work on is a dream project, so long as I am learning.

Simeon Kondev
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We provide virtual project management; planning, organizing, and controlling resources
to achieve client goals.  With solid time management and organizational skills, we are
adept at identifying, defining and analyzing problems and situations.  Many years of problem
solving and trouble-shooting expertise ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

To coordinate projects we use several different project management systems, including spreadsheets.  We use Trello for our business and for those clients who do not have their own system.


We organize client meetings and special events, workshops, virtual book tours, seminars and webinars, including: 
  • budget planning and set up, and expense reporting
  • negotiation and preparation of contracts and service agreements
  • event marketing:event marketing:
  -  design and distribution of one-sheets, invitations, flyers, posters, and banners
  -  set up and maintenance of branded event website and / or online registration
  -  contact and liaison with media
  • design and format of print and digital course materials and workbooks
  • logistics management:
  -  venue booking and liaison
  -  sourcing, negotiation and liaison for vendors, speaker(s) and trainer(s)
  -  coordination of accommodations, air and ground transportation and parking
  -  registration, confirmation and follow up; name badges and tent cards
  -  set up and management of participant feedback forms
  -  room set up, audio and video coordination, internet connections and decoration
  -  coordination of catering for meals, breaks and meeting refreshments

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