Let us run your office …

     so you can run
     your business.

Delegate this time consuming task.  Using your software, we will ensure your clients are invoiced: 
  • in a timely fashion
  • consistent with contractual agreements
  • with clear and accurate information
  • and their billing and contact information has been verified


Outstanding accounts are inevitable so it helps to have a clear
and consistent system in place to deal with late payment issues.
In consultation with you, we will assist in setting up your policies
and procedures and then provide you with the follow through you
need, saving you countless hours.

As your representative, we will send:
  • a friendly initial reminder email of the payment due
  • a second, more direct follow up email
  • the third follow up would be a telephone conversation with the bill payer
  • and finally, a demand payment letter, stating legal procedings by a certain date


No matter what size your business, you need effective expense reporting to track what you are spending, and to ensure you are promptly and fully reimbursed.  Using your systems, we will assist in setting up and then managing your expense reconcilliation.  We will :
  • set you up with a convenient method of collecting receipts when travelling (eg, folders / envelopes / scanner techology)
  • process receipts into your preferred software
  • ensure relevant expenses are added to client invoicing
  • apply or forward business expenses as directed

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