Research is creating new knowledge.

Neil Armstrong 
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Diligent researchers, we have extensive experience investigating a broad range of subjects, for information used in a variety of ways including sales funnels, speaking engagements, virtual book tours, acquisition opportunities, and casting calls.  Facts, observations, images, survey results, recordings, measurements and experiences are gathered online, including:

  • biographical information on business leaders and owners;
  • statistical information on women in non-traditional workplace roles;
  • comparative information about software programs, products and competitors; 
  • contact information for associations, universities, private and public companies;
  • manufacturers of workwear for women;
  • reports on the habits of wasps and removing that new car smell.

We have sourced the odd, the difficult and the unusual: old pearls to repair an antique necklace, ski instructors at Blackcomb and dinner possibilities at Provo; tickets to football fixtures in Sheffield, villas in Tuscany and have recovered tablets and phones, personal items and luggage left at hotels, in cabs and on planes.

Online research can be done on a project by project basis, or as ongoing topic or subject searches for blogs, articles and newsletters. 

Reports are provided as point form drafts, as summaries with supporting documentation attached or as spreadsheet databases.   


We source contact information on private and public companies, individuals and events.  We have gathered information on colleges and universities, magazine editorial calendars and philanthropic foundations; created databases of mobile park owners, pharma companies and companies voted the best place to work; and compiled lists of Chief Marketing Officers, companies led by women and venues for workshops, training and networking events. 


Let us attend that online seminar for you.  Reporting includes detailed notes on webinar content and discussion(s).  Report is laid out by subject or heading and includes relevant links, handouts and slides where available.

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